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#ItsAMovie come be a part of the the new Club O Litty Committee. 

17038 South Halsted Harvey,Il

2019 Spring Showcase


All Mid-West & Chicagoland Artist

We’re looking for talent to perform in our 2019 Spring Showcases.

DM @djwilltrey or @robert_royale 

for details.

Serious inquires only

Produced by URL "Standing in My Garden" By I.E.

"Diddi Bop" (The Royalé Re-Hump) GC Boys f. Robert Royale

Purchase the new release today https://robertroyale.bandcamp.com/track/diddi-bop-the-royal-re-hump-mix

And stream on all streaming platforms or digital stores.

Psalm 23 Robert Royalé Re-Hump

God works in mysterious ways.

Jerry C. King featuring SolKat "Psalm 23" (Robert Royalé Re-Hump) is the "Word" being delivered over that Chicago four on the floor EDM House groove. 

Jerry C. King's words are like velvet as he recites King David's protection prayer over this progressive Re-Hump by Robert Royalé, who even lends his vocal harmony  over that pulsating kick drum.


Plush Llc - Royale Court Music

Plush Llc (Oklahoma)


Plush Llc is all about the beauty & comfort that radiates from within. We promote positivity, creativity & most definitely being Plush

Whether it's runway, video or location models needed. We got you. 

Plush Llc

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Royalé Court Music/Anika Recordings (Chicago)


Royalé Court Music is the home to Big Rub ASCAP, Robert Hipps ASCAP, , and Royalé-Love Studios. 

Our goal is to not only to entertain the world, but bring a quality of service and pride to this industry.

RCM has some of the hottest remix artists globally, hot DJ's, and roster of hot artist that we work close with.

Whether its distribution or pruduction we can and will make it happen. 

Welcome to the Royalé Court.

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Do you have questions, want to book a show, or collaborate on a new piece? Reach out and let's make magic happen. 

Royalé Court Music/Anika Recordings

7310 South Phillips Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60649, United States

(773) 234-7515