Robert Royale




He has made his return to Hip Hop

in Royales roots is hip hop production. Working in the background at Chicago's premire Adult Night club The New Club O.  He's secured a seat in being a distributor for the up and coming Last Coast Entertainment 2019 Spring Showcase; along with gracing the decks this January with The Heavy Hittas DJ Pharris, the young legend DJ Louie V., DJ Magicman and DJ Will Trey; Royale has remixed his seductive ode "Dreamin Of..." The New Club O Mixxx (TNCO) is lit.


By this mid-summer Robert Royale has been being steady and consistent. Rolling out of 2017 with Roy Davis Jr. playing his underground banger (co-produced by Titan " Guillotine" Davis)

"The Royalé Guillotine Re-werk" which a re-make of the 1977 disco/soul hit by Loleatta Holloway "Hit & Run"; all around the world. In the UK at Noctem Festival 2017 

Downtown Chicago in front of the Chicago Bean

Even in Rome


Now Kingdom licensed the hit and immediately securing Royale a spot in Disco/House history,Sony/MN2S has picked up "The Royalé Guillotine Rewerk" for their "Weapons of Choice Volume 1 Ibiza Edition" to be re-released the first week of August 2018 (backed by Kingdom and The CoCreators). 

Be on the look out if you've been under the house instead of in the House.

"The Royalé Guillotine Rewerk” has also been featured by the Queens' of House creator & DJ Sol Kat, at Summer Jam downtown Chicago at the Taste of Chicago 2018.

Diddi Bop

This time Royale discovers a young crew called GC Boys and what came out of that chance encounter was the Latin House/Soulful dance floor mover and shaker "Diddi Bop". This track has been getting such praise as:


Roy Davis Jr. “Whenever I want to see more ladies on the floor, I drop Diddi Bop it’s sure to bang the party”

Mr. K’ Alexi Shelby “Dope, Proud & impressed!”

Steve “Silk” Hurley “YO!”

Rexx Racer “Yo man that joint IS FIRE…. F’n Dope!!!!!”

Titan Guillotine Davis “Shocked!”

Melvin Meeks “Niiiicccccce….”

Purple Beat “will get some spins”
Tom Pearce “Cool beats and grooves, exactly what I need.“

Jason Dump “Hot Hot Hot....thanks”

Djane Clubstyle “Im lovin it”

Marco Perfettibile “LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!”

Urban World Records “Enjoying the Latin elements, particularly the percussion.”
DJ Little L. “Ready for the summer with this fine latino/techno dance track.” 


Right now GC Boys featuring Robert Royale are beating out the remix and a couple other surprises this summer.


It Happened in The Kingdom

Robert Royale has giving you a remix that not only  defines what House Music is, but a message through the music. Jerry C. King sultry voice, with added vocals by DJ Sol Kat on "Psalm 23" (Robert Royale Re-Hump) is a sure fire way to party with Divine protection as you are jacking your body. 

Along with Realm collaboration between Jerry C. King, DJ Darryn Jones, DJ Sol Kat and Robert Royale; you also receive David's prayer on the "Psalms 23" (Darryn Jones Royale King Edit). These two RCM features are placed along side of great remixes by The CoCreators, Paul Johnson, Muzikman, Virgo E.S.P. C.H.L.P., Loz J Yates, Ray Martinez, Mathew Yates, and Jerry C. King.


Royalé Court Music

Robert is building a label that is not only about House music, has a team of Hip Hop producers that are being groomed for 2019. Danny Loafslaw Gonu, Leon Nevawas, and Royale are producing Hip Hop and RnB cuts, Def Jones along with Royale are banging out the Trap/Drill music of the youth.

Beats for sale, beats for when it about that Trap.


Robert Royale (Royalé Court Music Chicago) F.K.A. DJ Big Rub of Chicago's Warehouse Night Club was first introduced to the House music business by watching "Bam Bam" Westbrook in the mid 80's when he created Westbrook Records with legendary House Music artist Mike Dunn & Armando on the Southside of Chicago. 

Legendary sound reinforcement designer Dwayne Woods/Earthquake Sounds would have a  pre-teen Robert assisting with setting up the best sound systems around Chicago (The Power House, Gallery 21, McCormick Place & more).

Royale attended C. V. S. H. S. , where he met and became friends with now House legend Glenn Underground; then joining his House Crew "Xstacy". During this time, the young aspiring producer/DJ secretly would help local producer Warlord create for Legendary artist such as (Tongue) Twista and D.A. Smart. This circle would lead to his association with Titan Guillotine Davis, back in the 80's.


His cousin Krashman aka (Krash, the first rap artist to get a major deal in Chicago) would take him to all the parties and expose him to the true underground scene called "House"; then in his later years, teaching Royale production techniques he learned from Puff's "Hitmen," like the art of loop slicing , to re-arrange a loop. These skills he still uses today in music, along with the sampling tricks Royale learned from now Gorilla's frontman Jamie Principal.


Royale decided to enroll in the local community college, that was notorious for their radio station Kennedy-King  College, DJing on 89.3 fm WKKC's Friday Night Audio & co-hosting a show called "The New Music Review". 


During his college years, he would experiment with the fusion of Hip Hop beats and poetry; working along aspiring word-smith Kwesi. Not knowingly preparing him for his future re-encounter with high school brother Malik Yusef.


Next The Cliff Levingston's Riviera & The Crobar would become his first clubs to debut his skills.

His brother K Alexi Shelby would then bring him into The Warehouse Night Club (and DJ International) family for his first residency for the Legendary "Sunday Service".

This allowed him to work side by side with many legends (Craig Loftis, (Uncle) Joe Smooth, Armando, Mike Dunn, Gene Hunt, Ron Carroll, Emanuel Pippin, Andre Hatchett, Julian Jumpin' Perez, Bad Boy Bill, Peace RTG, DJ Cowboy and Hugo Hutchinson).

Robert learning more about the Chicago scene would land a job as the pressman for Trax Records (yes, he actually pressed vinyl records, some of which you may remember. Johnny Fiasco, Mark Farina & D.J. Chunk-A-Buds' 90's Hit "Zig-Zag"

 & the white labels Lost Records, Record Review

Mike Dunn's "Beat that Shit"

& more). Larry Sherman took such a liking to the young Royale (then Big Rob) and moved him into the Trax Records Mansion in Hyde Park (that has now become President Barak H. Obama residence). Larry Sherman working close with legendary entertainment lawyer Jay B. Ross introduced the two (Robert would debut Ross's artist Black Magic during his WKKC radio days) giving a young Royale a legal up in the House Music scene keeping him at least secure from the negativity of the industry in Chicago.


Later The Clique (The Epitome/E2's) Night Club would bring him on board. Followed by Mike Dunn giving his fellow Warehouse brother a spot at The Convent, spinning Hip Hop and RnB.


Cajmere aka Green Velvet purchased his first  single "Kick Da H0es Out Da House" (that was an anthem originally made for Peace RTG's 5.0 car club 2 Xtreme. 


Nepenta Records released the second (Chicken Head E.P.) or

By this time was DJing regularly throughout the city: Tues. night Open Mic at the Millennium Club, Wed. Night at The Clique, Thurs. night upstairs in The Warehouse "Loft", Friday nIght back at the Clique in "The Comedy Clique" room (befriending Deray Davis, Deon Cole, B. Cole, Sheree Luckett, Leon Rogers, Teddy Carpenter, Earthquake and others), Royale would go on to lay the future foundation of how the BET network would edit the comedians on their station, by creating what was called "Street Comedy" (Volumes 1 and 2). These street comedy anthems featured Tony Schofield, Leon Rogers, B. Cole, and up and coming Deon Cole.


 But back to his passionSat. nights would be great for Royale as a young DJ, opening up the Clique, then going to rock the Warehouse Loft all night long.


When the Warehouse closed and re-opened at the Prop House; then Big Rub (aka B.R. Baby of 6.0.6 Entertainment Inc.), would rock the back room every weekend building it up with other Go Gettas like Sundance, The Chocolate Jocks, and DJ G-Spot.

He also dealt in Hip Hop, as an un-official member of the Mainframe. He produce and did remixes for the underground Chicago rap scene. 

Running with Just Ro, SUN, J.U.I.C.E., Ang 13, Tha G.U.V., The Mainframe, and other Go Ill rhyme spittas he performed on stages with Redman, Keith Murray, and Helter Skelter (aka Tha Boot Camp Clique), Big Les (BET's Rap City).


His talents lead to him producing for Nike, "The Game of Life" with G.O.O.D. Music's Grammy Award winner Malik Yusef (exec. produced by Grammy nominated Terry Hunter) and an unreleased hip hop song with Chicago House Music Legend Gene Hunt, rapping under the moniker Minista G. 


He then went on to co-create 6.0.6. Entertainment Inc.; with friends Steve Smitty G. Smith and Kelly Nino Ross Orsby. They helped cultivate the young talents of DEFWish( Def Jones aka Hellcat Jones), King Bingo (360) , NuBearth (Precise & Creole G.)

 Bhudda Bless, Tyref Tha MC, Lucky Luciano (aka Mikie Da Grip) and Pistol Pete Penguin, while rapping and producing music themselves.

Robert Royalé BKA B.R. Baby would control the Chicago underground exotic dancer circuit with what was bestowed upon him as the "Hollywood" moniker. Dancers, Music, & all your debaucherous heart desired; even rapping himself.

His bass heavy anthems like "Hold It Down" and sexy odes such as "Ebony Ecstasy"


Royalé connects with Jerry C. King, and immediately does a remix for the queen of KDM Kim Jay "Energy"

From this Royalé Court Music (RCM) is established. In the 2 years of business RCM has released over 35 songs,

releasing projects by 3 other artists and works by K' Alexi Shelby, Titan Guillotine Davis are constantly being dropped; along with production by The Smooth Agent Smith. 

In 2016 Royale was one of the featured DJ's of the Chicago House Club Tour Pub Crawl as 1 of 20 hot Chicago DJ's, leading to him receiving the call to perform at the Annual Hyde Park Silver Room Block Party, and being featured inside the actual Silver Room in an event with over 50 DJs.


Royale keeps it moving.  



Discography :


The Royalé Guillotine Rewerk (Royale Titan Mix) on the "Weapons of Choice Volume 1 Edition" 

Robert Royale and Titan Guillotine Davis


Release 2018 08-06


Psalm 23 (The Robert Royale Re-Hump)

Psalm 23 (Darryn Jones Royale King Edit)

Jerry C. King featuring Solkat


Global Release 2018 06-04


Diddi Bop (The Robert Royalé Re-Hump)

GC Boys Featuring Robert Royale

Royalé Court Music/Digi-Dope Int'l


Release 2018 05-04 exclusive Traxsource

Global release 2018-05-21


The Royale Guillotine Rewerk 

(Royale Titan Mix) 

Robert Royale, Titan Guillotine Davis, Robert Royalé 

Release: 2018-04-20 


The Party (E.P.)

Robert Royalè, Titan Guillotine Davis & Loofslaw 

"The Party"



"The Royalé Guillotine Rewerk"

Robert Royale, Titan Guillotine Davis, Loleatta Holloway

"Funky Disco" (2)

Royalè Court Music

RCM009  2017-11-20 


Everybody Looking @ U (E.P)

Robert Royalè & DJ Darryn Jones 

"Eveybody Looking @ U"


"Red Bottoms"

"Dope Trax" (Lost 707 Groove)

DJ Darryn Jones

Royalè Court Music 

RCM008  2017-10-30 


Do It......

Robert Royalé

(K Alexi Shelby Mix)

Manuscript Records



Dreaminʼ Of... (Maxi Single)

Robert Royalé Feat. Kʼ Alexi Shelbyʼs K Klassik Remix 

Royalè Court Music 

RCM007  2016-12-12 


Do It...(Remix Essentials) 

Robert Royalé

Remixes by Titan Guillotine Davis, Si Mo0re & Robert Royalé

Royalè Court Music

RCM006  2016-10-10 


Do It...(Remixes) 

Robert Royalé Feating remixes by Kʼ Alexi Shelby, Titan Guillotine Davis & Si Mo0re

Royalè Court Music

RCM005 | 2016-09-26 


On Test: On Chaos (E.P.)



"Acid Test"

"Come On Baby" Gotta Keep On"

Royalè Court Music 

RCM004  2016-08-15 


The Mecca of House  (E.P.)

Robert Royalé

"The Mecca of House"

(original, A capella, & instrumental mixes)


Royalè Court Music RCM003 | 2016-07-18 


Do It... (Maxi-Single)

Robert Royalé Feat. Kʼ Alexi Shelbyʼs 

(K Klassik Chicago Dub Mix) 

Royalè Court Music

RCM002 | 2016-07-04 


(Welcome 2 The) Evil Olive (E.P.)

Robert Royalé

"(Welcome 2 The) Evil Olive"

(original,demo, & instrumental mixes)


Royalè Court Music

RCM001 | 2016-02-22 



(Robert Royalé Remix) 

Kim Jay, Robert Royalé Release: Resilience 

Kingdom 2015-12-21 


Chicken Head E.P.

D.J Big Rub

"Chicken Heads"

"Beat Junkies Anthem"

"Funky Disco" (orig.)

"Funky Disco" (Stephen G. Remmix)

Nepenta Rd.s/M.C Projects

1997 May

Digital Store

Live from Hot Shotz

7th Annual Peace Festival

7th Annual Peace Festival, August 22, 2015 Robert Royalé rocks the festival with house Legends Curtis McClain, Dana Divine, Harry Dennis, Joe Smooth & more.

Music Producer Recording Artist Re-Humper (RMXR)